I am sad … I just turned 60 .

Today I received another three commercials from different companies to buy the latest in the 3D printing machines in jewelry trade … I decline and erase them wrickling my nose , being aware that – like many others -I am an endangered specimen in this trade which is becoming increasingly accessible to anyone with every passing day because of the internet .
So , 3D printing became more accessible every day in all areas – including jewelery or medicine , printing organs – and I just thought such as whether to combine both domains and print eventually the craftsmen working at the benches , with the skills already included in their brains – maintenance , janitors or craftsmen .
That would solve a lot of problems : cheap hand labor and parts at your discretion . Without the creation headaches and other pains that an artists must endure . Buy yourself a 3D printer and let forget all debates about art and talent . Welcome to the machiine !
Sell, sell , sell !

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