– this project was cancelled and it will be made again soon, starting from the “rock level” , under better circumstances

… when I first open the small box my friend Keith Biodrowski  has sent me , there was a beautiful  geoda of a blue Botswana Aghate ….I was charmed , it was very nice and the inside small cristals  resembling obviously like sea water , a blue and clear water …Suddenly, the image appear in my mind : a kind of a jacuzzi , with a girl inside , sunbathing ! Then , the idea has changing every minute , by adding more and more details ….So , I had to stop thinking of it – I’ve  had to finish Fairy and there was  lot of troubles on my head to solve at that moment … Now I came back to that  nice blue aghate and I start the ” Blue Laguna”  project , wich will be a static item , not wearable . As usual , some changes may occur until the project will be finished , so I think it will be better to stop “talking” and to show you the pictures or the slide show video here   :   BLUE LAGUNA

  1. gigi you are to much
    dam intricate work i wont even get near to your beautiful crafting man
    wish i was a young man being taught under you
    i wouldnt have to go through the crap at my job i go through today
    maybe in the next life i could swear loyalty to you for the total of my life instead of wandering around aimless and pointless
    you never stop amazing me
    keith biodrowski

  2. I wish to be young again myself, Bio …My eyes are sore now and I have to work many hours , mostly by night …I think I will buy a microscope for engravers to save my eyes and last longer …There will be some other surprizes in this project ..I hope people will enjoy the final item .

  3. Another work of art from the Master, glad to see you back on form. Glad to know the Fairy is still on this planet too!

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