Sometimes the need for small weigh accessories is very bad and the casting unit is not a good idea , especially when it comes about gold .

Since I was a kid I saw the magic of negative embossing working with copper sheet and –  later in my life , when I was a young apprentice – I choose to make negative steel stamps , using the engraving tools . So the old technique of stamping is the best choice .

The results was amazing , and I made some nice money then , making a lot of steel stamps for many of my colleagues then , but I never use any of the stamps for myself .

Now I decide is time to make some steel stamps for my personal use , and all of them will be left to my aprentice , Elena .

This one I’ll show here is a part of some project , called “THE TURN OF A FRIENDLY CARD ” , which will be soon on this blog , on a new page .

An enameled item also , which will be made on silver and gold , too .

The desingn is a little intricate and I need to be every time the same , so cloissone technique isn’t recomended .  All you need for doing this is a little talent .

This is the cloissone model :

DSC05212 DSC05228 DSC05225

The steel stamp videos are here :



  1. hey buddy where can i buy a metal stamp like the one you engraved of that joker including buying yours?

    • I made that stamp only to make the video , but if you’ll give me some details , may be we can talk .
      And also tell me the amount you thought that you can spend to have a real steel mold with a jocker much nicer than the one in the video.

  2. Linda's graphic

    I have enjoyed your videos on YouTube Joker 1&2 carved by Giacomo.If you will please tell me what is the metal that he is carving and what is the tool he is using. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • The metal is crude (not annealed ) Laminated Steel – Carbon 45 , and the tools are High Speed Steel hand gravers .
      These information are on the youtube comments , others asked the same questions too .

  3. Dear Giacomo:

    Congratulations on the beautiful work, I saw your 2 videos on YouTubbe ( very good, I only have one doubt, after an engraving, in the part convova opened by the tool, as you Does it make it smooth in this low relief area without any tool marks? A picture was spectacular. Very Fine !!!

    • There is only a simple demonstration of what can be done working in negative instead of positive ( embossing) .
      The work is faster and can be corrected at any moment , cutting deeper .
      The final finishing can be made using same materials as for polishing , but only before tempering the steel .
      Afterthat will be very difficult .

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