The Fairy Project

The Fairy Project

The Fairy Project is one of the most beautiful things I’ve made so far.

Unfortunately, this jewelry item had a sad fate, arriving  in a place where it will be away from the sight of people , instead of being exposed on a beautiful woman’s neck .


One afternoon, I had a revelation while listening to Jethro Tull’s Songs From The Wood. So I quickly grabbed a pencil – as usual – and made some quick sketches, to capture the images in my mind. The idea was taking shape, just like a train rushing out of a tunnel. All the details were there, in front of my eyes, in 3D and full colours. I was so amazed by the whole picture coming alive in my mind, that I started making some sort of a script, to keep the order of all those images. They were just like an avalanche in my head.

You can watch here how everything starts.

The Fairy will be ready soon and will go out in the world, just like Jade and Carnival have. But, when Fairy is gone, I will surely be a little sad, because, in my whole goldsmithing career, I’ve never felt such dedication and passion before. It was a dream come true, and – as always – I didn’t have the time to create the whole story like I planned. I was rushing again, haunted by the lack of financial resources.

This is the final video of the Fairy necklace :

More details about this exquisite necklace in these videos :


And here are a series of videos, showing in crispy details (but in a chaotic “order”, due to the website admin) how the necklace was made

To view more videos of my work click here.

  1. It seems the Fairy project and necklace , among with the ELEVEN project and pandant, has bancrupt me . Next Monday I think Fairy will be melted , and the metal sold . The debts for the bank and rent can not wait anymore . As I will never sell fairy under the amount I asked for it , I prefere to melt it and to sell the gold . Anyhow, the videos of making it will remain on the net and this way the image of it will not be lost . I hope ELEVEN – being in someone else’s custody in this moment will be sold in time and will remain untouched . That’s it . End of the story and of the road .

  2. i read about this project for 5 months. only the lucky rich can afford making one pcs in a year to support themselves, pity that you have to melt it down, but that’s life…. unless this message is an emotional blackmail on someone – so sell it or melt it for god sake.

    • Mark Haton (or whatever your name is ) , this project takes so long because “the lucky rich ” has run out of gold three times and has to pause, untill he work something else to bought few grams more to carry out the project . Then, the item seems to be so expensive and dificult to sell , that the “lucky rich” has to melt it and sell the gold to pay the debts , because no more gold is available in his workshop. The Fairy project has to be finished, because ” the lucky rich” made a promise to the people who are watching – and some of them learning from – his videos . The promise was to finish this item and to make a final video . If you consider this a boring fact of life , it means that youy are a “lucky rich ” person . I see that the way I make and sell or melt my products is pressing you so hard , that you can’t hold yourself anymore and make unpolite and insidious comments on this blog , refering to some “emotional blackmail” I am doing to someone . Every deadline anouncement in selling is an “emotional blackmail” for the persons which are interested in achieving the item or items in discution . It was not necessary to pour such amount of venom in your words , here. I felt your “simpathy” , very straigth . For your information, try this : As this is a public space , I will alow this comment of yours , only for diversity in the oppinions posted here . If will be a video with melting Fairy , it will not be published , the damage for me will be too serious , as big as your satisfaction will be , probably . Well , you will not have the pleasure of waching it … If something is bothering you about my blog or my person ( or my art ) , it is very easy to avoid that , by ignoring me , my art and my blog . Your oppinion is welcomed, too , this will show the diversity of people minds. Anyhow, I am impressed how long you have to resist ( 5 months ) to write down what you feel about that … to keep this so long inside you … I hope now you feel released . BTW, all the people here are honest persons and are not hiding under nicknames or ghost I.P.s . Something is very funny , though : your second (nick)name Haton has not only the meaning but the phonetic spell of “hate” in it . Hate On .

  3. Giacomo, nothing bothers me because you live yourlife and not mine, but it sound like you are trying to play with emotions on some weak readers and maybe get benefits.

  4. Mark Haton, my life is not as you think it is and I am not a welthy person . The rules in my country are different that in occidental countries and you will not be able to live here , if you would be in my place . So, don’t rush to throw the stone in other’s head , before you know at least the circumstances . If an auction involves periodic warnings about the dead line , you will consider that an “emotional blackmail” ? I think it is , in a subtile way . But this case is different . First of all , this is a blog , my blog , where it is supose to put my thoughts and my experiences of life “on the table” . At least ,that’s what I read that a blog must be . Second , my life is really very complicate , I am not a good manager and some of the decisions I’ve had take at one moment in my life was not so good , and now I had to support the consequences . But , as you say , it’s my life and this is not concerning you anymore . If you will look at Fairy’s project , it was made in a similar circumstances . I am a single person , I don’t have any aprentices or employees , and is very difficult for me to keep up with all the incoming bills I have to pay , so I am in a permanent lack of money . The making of such item like JADE or CARNIVAL or Fairy could takes me a month of working, but when I get some funds , I don’t know where to give first : to the bank , to the rent , to the telephone or electricity or to buy food or gold . So, I hope by selling Fairy this problem will dissapear and I will change my policy . I will not make such expensive items but only at request and I will work on silver mostly . So, telling what I will gonna do with Fairy if I will not sell it in time was not a blackmail , but a warning and the truth . But you can call it as you will , not being in my position. Some people are certainly interested in having Fairy , and I simply give a warning that there is no time left for me to wait , at least . When I made JADE , I had a different option, as you could easily see , to sell it in few weeks , but the finishing of Fairy was coming in a very bad moment, when the dead line of some of my bills are already exceeded , so I must make that warning . If you still want to call this blackmail , you are free to call it , it’s your will . And if I would try to “make benefits playing with emotions of some weak readers ” , I could ask for fees or donation for my over 160 videos I have posted on the internet for free , and – believe me – I could have a lot more money than I could get by selling Fairy or any other item I am making . But I come again and say , you are nothing but a viciously and wryly person and may be my readers will have something to say to you about their weakness . I will close now this subject , considering my answer to you very friendly and more detailed that it was necesary . So, for the future , if you’ll insist in calling me a blackmail , I will not alow your comments to appear here .

  5. Dear Giacomo,
    My name is Lenny.I watch your video for years and I like thank you for your arts. I have honor offer help. I realy not good writer,so it easy for me talk to you on phone. If you can provide phone # and time,and date I glad to call you and discace details. I live in USA ,so it will be nice if you provide international code for your country.

  6. jill iris wells

    Dear Giacomo,

    I take offense to the comment about weak minds from the Hate On guy and brand him a jealous, weak minded school yard bully who’s range is sure… clueless to disgusting.

    For what might be the beautiful Fairy’s demise, I am deeply sorry as I know what impact it strikes on the soul, (being a life long artist myself), to have to make that choice. You deserve “top of the heap” better.

    jill iris wells

    • Thank you Iris , Fairy (Eireen ) was not melted . Someone helped me and now is ready to go to an exhibition of quality jewelry , next week . I hope this will help me to pay some old debt to some very nice and gold hearted persons from USA .

  7. Giacomo,

    I am so happy to hear that Fairy was not melted. I have admired it so much and it would have been a shame. Is there any news of a sale?

    Also, your videos continue to be an inspiration to me in my continuing endeavors as an artist.

    Thank you for all your hard work.


    • Fairy necklace will go to an exhibition and may be will be bought by someone for a beautiful woman , who knows ? Thank you , David , it’s good to hear my videos are inspiration for others .

  8. jill iris wells

    Dear Giacomo,

    I am very happy to know that Fairy Eireen is not going to be destroyed. Where is the exposition being held? I have watched her creation as if I was part of the whole experience which is what you have generously allowed many people for a long time.

    I love your videos and they have helped me to fabricate which I probably would not have even tried, though
    I have carved detailed designs in wax and could set stones for models, due to a manufacturing company that I worked for.

    Thank you.

  9. jill iris wells

    Dear Giacomo

    I believe you should be a great star for women of means.
    Now you will have that opportunity with this expo.
    You are so gifted and I am in your dept.
    I know you love art of many kinds but I hope you don’t dislike poetry.
    I wrote this for you a long time ago and I would like you to do with it, as you will:

    Art & Heart
    The hands of Giacomo

    Composing gold for time in tune,
    What evident style cannot belie
    And rough cracked fingers don’t impugn,
    The beauty, to master verify.
    With hammer, files and saw blade
    He’ll twist and carve to fabricate,
    And for his mood of temper staid
    To breathe fire for talent innate.

    For the ring Citrine a favorite,
    And all of his figurines divine,
    I admire to my will befit
    But for my novice whims do pine.
    I so the Three Bars set adore
    And of course the repousse`s floral,
    But his genius sees complex of lore,
    To tiny screws, simplex integral.

    With renderings of superior Art
    In providing a skills window,
    Generously giving for precious Heart,
    Are the hands of Giacomo.

    In fan appreciation by:

    jill iris wells

    • Hello Iris , I am so surprised I don’t know what to say ! Ussually men makes poems to women , and it’s the first time in my life when someone compose a poem for me ( my hands , same thing ) …You are very sensible person and very gifted, too . I hope this sesibility to not afect you too much in life and to give you only joy and satissfaction. Sometimes, too much sensibility is not good and its torturing your soul . Thank you very much for the beautiful poem and I wish you good luck in your jewelry trade journey
      PS : I will not post the poem on the blog , but I will print it and I will hang it on my workplace wall . I will send you a picture .
      (Later) : It seems that the private messages are appeared here …Hmm..I will let the things as they are , with no changes . Everything is hapen with a reason , even we don’t understand for the moment …

  10. jill iris wells

    Dear Giacomo,

    You’re right about sensibilities as I am about your age so that has manifested itself a few times.

    But the poem was not meant to embarrass you and I am sorry if it has. Poetry is an art form to me and has been with me for most of my life as drawing, painting and now my playing with precious material.

    But until now I have pretty much kept my words to myself. That rude person effected me when I read his messed up dictation directed at you.

    Thank you, I would like to see a picture of it hanging on a wall.

    Good luck you you.

    a friend,


  11. Giacomo,
    As a raw beginner silversmith, watching your videos has been a fascinating obsession for me these past few months. I continue to marvel at your skills. Your fabrication of Eireen is an inspiration. I am so happy that she will not be destroyed and that your skills can be appreciated by potential clients. Please continue making the videos because you truly do teach, and touch others, by example.

    As they say, Luck of the Irish to you!

    • I hope for the next year the “goldsmithing school on line ” will be realised and everything will change . I am working now at some new projects, one of them called ” The Blue Laguna” . A beautiful blue Botswana aghate inspired me in making this item. The stone – a geode – was given to me by my very good friend Keith Biodrowsky from Omaha , USA . The first seconds of seeing it has produced in my mind a spontaneus image : a jacuzzi ! Then , the idea was refined many times and now I already making the components of this static jewelry . An image of a small promontory surrownded by the ocean waters , with white sand and a palm tree and foamy waves of blue, transparent water. In the “pool” are laying a woman and a man , naked bodies , in sunbathing attitudes ..My intention was to reveal the heat and I hope this will be the main sensation the viewer will feel looking at the finished item. Go to HOME/PAGES to watch the process of making “The Blue Laguna “….

  12. So, where is this sad place that it ended it up? Can you share? It is the MOST amazing of your pieces, and I love every one! You are an amazing artist and I revel in your talent.
    One other question I do have, and I hope you can assist me in answering is this: I am a repousse artist, but have only had experience with using pitch, and Plasticine. I was wondering if you know if there are any issues of using a lead block with Sterling Silver. What are the benefits of using Lead over Pitch?
    I would appreciate any advice you could give in this matter.
    Thank you and your videos and teachings are a blessing to us all.

    • Not worth even to mention tehir name I’d make an undeserved adverstising .
      Using lead block is somehow risky but faster than black pitch , I can turn the piece on both sides quickly and embossing , but must be very
      careful to clean it of any traces of lead before annealing . The blacvk pitch is good for larger pieces which need intricate details
      and longer time working . Cups and small silverware items or frames .
      It’s my choice and – as I said before – I don’t reccomend it unless the user has some good experience in practice .

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