What do we do when find at a humble piece of agate?on the street ?A slice of geode, two nickels from any stall with quartz in little stores spreaded all around in the city … probably lost by someone from a shoody string …
Here are some options :
1) We ignore it. , being educated (in the good old tradition) to not take things from the street , especially when we they don’t belong to us .
2) We ignore it , if we don’t have any license to touch precious metals or stones .
3) We kick it , to see where it goes, may fall in the gutter channel and nobody else will find it anymore .
4) We take it from the street and put it in the pocket , to play with it when we’ll get home , making it a flucky amulet .
5) we take it from the ground ignoring all the dangers , the preservation instinct and outdated conceptions and – respecting the Nature Creation – we place it where it belongs , into an adornment object , a fancy “contemporary ” jewelry .
Keep following the story , you’ll like it …
In the meantime , maybe you come with a suggestion , what resembles this little slice of Aghate . Let’s give it a name …

And this is how everything started , as usual … with a brief sketch , on the bench corner ,

using any paper at hand …

agat-slicedrawing dsc06394r dsc06395r dsc06400r dsc06408r dsc06411r dsc06412r dsc06413r dsc06414r dsc06415r dsc06416r dsc06417r dsc06418r dsc06419r dsc06420r dsc06421r dsc06422r dsc06423r dsc06424r dsc06435r dsc06436r dsc06437r dsc06438r dsc06439r dsc06440r dsc06441r dsc06442r dsc06444r dsc06445r dsc06446r dsc06447r

dsc06460 dsc06461 dsc06463 dsc06465 dsc06466 dsc06467 dsc06468


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