ADRIAN and SIMONA  are my newest apprentices , starting their initiation stage only three days ago , being the first time they get into a jewelry workshop .

Adrian si Simona

They’re young and smart and very nice persons , a real fresh air for my soul , so bad affected in the last three years, after the horrible experience at Sabion company , where I learned for the first time in my life what it means deep sadness, humiliation , despair and depression …

These two youngsters brought hope and light in my life, and for the first time since I returned from Sabion I feel that I’m optimistic and motivate to enjoy life again.

Grabbed Frame 73Grabbed Frame 74Grabbed Frame 75Grabbed Frame 36rGrabbed Frame 34Grabbed Frame 76Grabbed Frame 77Grabbed Frame 35Grabbed Frame 37Grabbed Frame 38Grabbed Frame 39Grabbed Frame 41Grabbed Frame 32Grabbed Frame 33Grabbed Frame 43Grabbed Frame 45Grabbed Frame 46Grabbed Frame 47Grabbed Frame 50Grabbed Frame 52Grabbed Frame 53Grabbed Frame 54Grabbed Frame 56Grabbed Frame 59Grabbed Frame 57Grabbed Frame 61    Look at her smile …


  1. Welcome back, Giacomo! I am so glad. ^_^ All the best!

  2. HI Laura , all the best for you and your family !

  3. keith Biodrowski

    excellent keep it up and prayers for things to work out for you gi

  4. Let’s all hope that smile is infectious, and we can all catch some.

  5. Thank you Giacomo! You really inspire me to take care of the small details…..Many things Im learning from you, much more I would like to learn!

  6. Giacomo,

    I have followed you for so long incognito. You do not know me but I am so happy to see you back making videos and teaching. For future projects for your apprentices, I would like to donate some stones from here in Utah. I cut cabochons and do some metal work,,, not as advanced as you but you are my inspiration! For the longest time, I thought that you had become ill and that is why you were not online much.

    Thanks so much mentor
    Gracias por todo lo que hace por nosotros los joyeros.
    Devin Startup

    • Thank you Devin , your message surprised me a lot .
      And yes , I am ill , a deep sadness makes me withdraw from public activity , but I am struggle to keep on living , looking for that small and pure joys as teaching someone absolutely new in the trade , as the little fairy , Oli. You will watch in amazement how a small child of 8 y.o. can make real jewelry , at first on silver , and then , after just few weeks , on gold . A small and delicate 8 y.o. girl .
      I think nobody ever did that before . But I believe a lot in children’s understanding and skills , because I was a special and talented kid myself . So , keep closer on the Little fairies page !

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