Milky  - My best Buddy, Father of the puppies

  1. First, I would like to offer my condolences on the passing of Milky. It made me cry. Your artistry directed me to your site, but Milky made me want to know who you are. I think your work is beautiful. It inspires me. Grazie.

  2. Lovely soul your Milky has. If there is an afterlife {and I believe there is} Milky is still present and there in some vibrational shape, as pure loving energy, or form of beauty.

    It is remarkable really the deep friendship that we {and they} can develop in a cross-species relationship, wherein one that is animal can touch the human with such sweet and willing good nature, enduring patience, and loving kindness {delivered with such constancy and fidelity}.

    Moreover wherein our human friendships being both of the same species one would think it would be easier to bond thusly {us having so much commonality} __ yet the reality is that that commonality makes it more difficult, more conditional, fickle, fleeting, and rare.

    I will also offer my belated condolences _ but moreso my congratulations on having the goodfortune to have spent that portion of your lives together.

    A Prayer of Thanks for you Both. {Who’s a Good Boy??? — YOU ARE !!!! }


  3. Dear Giacomo…
    I am From Indonesia . I am so sorry to know that Milky has gone …
    I know that its too late to offer my condolences….but let me do
    I have two dogs too.. that i love them very much …so i do understand how you felt when milky passed away …..but I believe that Milky has a [peaceful afterlife .
    Friendship between dog and human sometime become more beautiful compare to relationship among the people
    I am sure that Milky had best treatment during his life with you….
    Milky was really lucky to have you …
    Both of you are very lucky …
    once again…let me offer you belated dondolence

    Kindly Regards


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