Oli is an 8 y.o. little fairy who asked me to teach her how to make jewelry , because she’ll need to know how to make her charmed wings and golden sandals when she’ll be a little older.

Now her wings are small and invisible and her sandals are … well , made in China , as ours , the mortals , but she knows that soon it will came a moment when she’ll have to show her charmed wings and golden sandals and she want to be very well prepared for that special moment …

She – like all the fairies does – will want to have the most spectacular wings and the most beautiful golden sandals , to left all the creatures in the wood breathless and speechless , dazed , wide-eyed amazed at the sight of her wings .

As you can see , she is very happy , but I don’t let myself be so easily fooled , because I know very well that if she’ll get angry , she can sent me to the lake in the wood , to where I’m coming from , turning me back into a frog ! And I really feel a little frightened , because her aunt – the famous witch Elena Celenatold me the little fairy is left handed !!

So I’ll have to work left handed myself , to teach her well !! Oh me !


For the moment , things are going fine between us , because she play at violin for me and she brought me some beautiful flowers from the Circus Park ( where she likes so much to play ) to be inspired in my future works with enamels . But Piccolina still not like her , because she is afraid of small children , knowing something , since one of those little kids had push his finger in her eye , last autumn …And now she stays outside the room , when Oli is here .

So I take it very seriously and I promise to teach her how to create her own wings and sandals , but , being so young apprentice , we will start working with Silver , making few little wings for training .

So , I hope she’ll do fine with silver and she’ll be a dutiful apprentice to learn all the necessary to go further with the gold . Later , we’ll try on gold and diamonds , and enamels , but we have to sell the silver wings first , to buy the gold …

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