DSC04071Here you can see how many of you were watching us this month .

I will be very glad if you will post comments on this project , as I am very interested in your oppinions about it .

I work hard in the studio and school website simultaneously , and get to bed at 3 am. Everything to do something not seen yetiat least in Romania. I don’t know how to do things of 2nd quality .

Your comments – bad or not – are welcome . 

Я хотел бы поблагодарить тех, кто в России, кто посетил этот блог. Они превысили мои ожидания, лучше, чем американцы .

 Я надеюсь, вы простите и понять, что я имею в виду. Я использовал Google Translate, чтобы написать этот пост. Кроме того, вы можете бесплатно разместить комментарии к этой статье, было бы печально, если бы никто бы ничего не сказать. Правда ювелиры заинтересованы в таком   эксперимента. Я не хочу хвалить, только и ждут ваших комментариев.Конечно, ювелиры, а не зрителей . Я не хочу, комплименты, просто ваш комментарий, который будет переведен мгновенно на английский язык.Ваш комментарий много значат для меня, чтобы знать, что делать дальше.

Но не похвалу от поклонников , OK ?

Узнайте больше о ювелиры из России и насколько они хороши в своей профессии.
Я также полные восхищения, когда я вижу работу ювелиры из России, и я положу его здесь – с вашего разрешения – русский  ювелиры несколько работ, которые я уважаю и восхищаюсь честным …. и даже завидую, коллегиальный  Перейти на страницу СОВРЕМЕННОГО РУССКОГО УКРАШЕНИЯ


Thank you  ,


Clic aici pentru limba romana

For this April 1, instead of  fooling someone, I did a very serious thing .

And this is my  first student , Elena Caragea from Bucharest , her first time in a jeweller’s workshop . She just started today , Monday 1st of April , her first day of learning advanced jewelry .

The course will include – in her exceptional case , being the first one – metallurgy, finishing and polishing  (mechanical and chemical), engraving, enamelling,  galvanizing and stone settings.  That is about all one needs to do more than honorable to the profession .

Later, at her request only , she will learn – and practice , of course – about refinning and recovering precious metals .

As usual, this first day was only listening and watching , and she agreed to continue the school .  Lucky me, it means I didn’t scare her enough to quit  ! 

Like many others , Elena is involved in making wire pendants and earrings , an after work hobby . But this has noting to do with real metalsmithing or making real jewelry using precious metals ..

So , I will do my best to transform Elena into a very skilful and wise jeweler . I hope to show you soon – here or on the website school pages – her progress and samples of her skill in jewelry manufacturing .

The evidence of her capacity to materialize her own ideas and fantasy in art .


April 2 , Day 2

Starting teaching live tutorial  , showing how to select and prepare silver scrap for melting .

Elena bought a notebook in wich she notes all the details about melting and casting silver ingots , plate and bar .  And a lot of technical details and explanations about flame temperatures , torch using , oxides , fluxes and firescale during meting . Next , understanding the molecular structure changes of the metal in the rolling process . Using the rolling mill .

This very first knowledges will guide her to the next level of learning , based on deep and accurate understanding of physical and chemical processes that occur in stage of silver becoming from ingot to components ready to be used in creation of a jewelry item .

I call this ” do metal to be your friend and partener  ” .

Tommorow , sheet rolling and wire drawing , which she will perform ” under my careful artistic guidance “.*( I heard this formula somwhere and I laugh a lot of it …)    

Pictures , tommorow ….


April 3, Day 3

Today no notebook , just practicing …

Elena learns very quick  , I am so glad she learns on the fly and I don’t have to repeat explanations, I hate that .

She is very brave, and that’s a big advantage for her. And for me, why not admit, I greatly facilitates teaching effort.

Today she has learned to use the rolling mill and the drawplate . She worked with fire and learned to anneal the metal , before, during and after rolling .

Grabbed Frame 9Grabbed Frame 2 Grabbed Frame 1 Grabbed Frame 4 Grabbed Frame 6 Grabbed Frame 7 Grabbed Frame 8 Grabbed Frame 10 Grabbed Frame 11 Grabbed Frame 12 Grabbed Frame 13Grabbed Frame 15 Grabbed Frame 14 Grabbed Frame 16 Grabbed Frame 17 Grabbed Frame 18 Grabbed Frame 19 Grabbed Frame 21

I was pleasantly surprised by her lack of inhibition and I even said a “BRAVO” when she used the drawplate , first time in her life . I was impressed by the way she understood all the details I gave her , and she was doing the job perfect .That drawplate was one of my fears about her – thinking at all the people I’ve had teached in years .

Allmost all failed this task , and there was no woman among them .

She draw the wire in a smooth and steady motion , no accident hapen , like breaking the wire or plier’s jaws slipping . I filmed everything , this will be our archive files , and also a nice memory for her .  She was a little scared only when she first light the torch and when she adjust the flame , because the flame jumps up and she was not expecting that . But that only amusing me , I did the same , first time …

I just wait to teach her soldering , next days …


April 4 , Day 4

Today Elena learned the formula for making tubes, pipes and rings in general .

Then she laminate the material and used the drawing plate to manufacture a silver pipe at precise rates, which then – after I welded it -she formed it in a  spiral.

This material was then used to produce a complex silver bracelet with round hollow rings and tubular links in highly compressed oval shapes .

Thus she understood that difficulty in making these items consist only in theory, and applied mathematics information is very helpful in making parts with complicated issue.

Everything becomes easier when using mathematical calculations and information about the material you processed. Knowing all about the material, you know how to “convince” it to become what you ask from it .  It becomes a “friend and partner” in your work, not your enemy, as so often happens in many other cases …

DSC03844 DSC03841 DSC03842 DSC03843

PS > Becomes interesting, isn’t it?


As Elena is a hobbist , she also has a real job and a real program , so we had to accommodate her work program to continue teaching and learning in optimal conditions without stress or strain of her.  So, we’ll take a break until the weekend, when we continue the lessons .


Yesterday, Monday, April 15, it was a very busy day, working on an important project with near term , and we continued our course with Elena, from 17 a.m. until 22 p.m.!

We have no choice but to use each other’s time as efficiently as possible, even with common sacrifices …

It’s too late now to post pictures (it’s 1:30 AM), but will be here tomorrow evening . You’ll see how naturally accommodated Elena to the bench . She melted, poured a small silver ingot which then rolled – with the necessary annealings  – and then made ​​it … a wedding ring !  After finishing and polishing she will probably wear it all her life, being her first real item of jewelery which she made ​​ever. And I will hand engraving -writting- some special dedication inside of this ring .  Beautiful, isn’t?

Grabbed Frame 22 Grabbed Frame 23 Grabbed Frame 27 Grabbed Frame 26 Grabbed Frame 25 Grabbed Frame 24 Grabbed Frame 28 Grabbed Frame 29 Grabbed Frame 30

The rest of them, tommorow evening …


Sorry for the delay , some hardware problems occured , both external drives has crushed , and Silviu was working all day to recover the datas , but in vain .

To be wost , the affiliated editing programs were crushed too , and I have to reinstall everything . 

Or some even envy me  ,  or Elena? Or all three in one place?

It seems that so many observers  of this project ( there are hundreds of you , every day, from all around the world ) produced emotions to our computers, or it was just a bad day.  External HDD  ( 1+2 TB)   were overloaded with full HD video material and got stuck . From tomorrow everything will be fine, I promise .


Grabbed Frame 70Grabbed Frame 55Grabbed Frame 56Grabbed Frame 57  Grabbed Frame 59Grabbed Frame 58Grabbed Frame 60Grabbed Frame 61Grabbed Frame 72Grabbed Frame 71Grabbed Frame 62Grabbed Frame 65Grabbed Frame 63Grabbed Frame 64Grabbed Frame 67Grabbed Frame 73Grabbed Frame 66Grabbed Frame 74Grabbed Frame 68Grabbed Frame 69 Grabbed Frame 75 Grabbed Frame 76 Grabbed Frame 77 Grabbed Frame 78 Grabbed Frame 80 Grabbed Frame 81 Grabbed Frame 82 Grabbed Frame 83 Grabbed Frame 84 Grabbed Frame 85 Grabbed Frame 86 Grabbed Frame 87 Grabbed Frame 88 Grabbed Frame 89 Grabbed Frame 90 Grabbed Frame 91 Grabbed Frame 92     Look at her face ! 

Elena didn’t like to wear a wedding ring (!) and she wants to transform it into a ring , so I teach her how to do that .

More pictures , tommorow …


Everything you will see was made by her hands , except the stone setting . We have a little to go until then …

And, by the way, I don’t use any soft or fast or even medium temperature solder , on gold or silver , and she didn’t use eather … 

Grabbed Frame 127 Grabbed Frame 118 Grabbed Frame 119 Grabbed Frame 120 Grabbed Frame 122 Grabbed Frame 123 Grabbed Frame 121 Grabbed Frame 124 Grabbed Frame 126 Grabbed Frame 125 Grabbed Frame 128 Grabbed Frame 129 Grabbed Frame 130 Grabbed Frame 131 Grabbed Frame 132 Grabbed Frame 133 Grabbed Frame 134 Grabbed Frame 135 Grabbed Frame 136 Grabbed Frame 137 Grabbed Frame 138 Grabbed Frame 139 Grabbed Frame 140 Grabbed Frame 141 Grabbed Frame 142 Grabbed Frame 143 Grabbed Frame 144 Grabbed Frame 145 Grabbed Frame 147 Grabbed Frame 146 Grabbed Frame 149 Grabbed Frame 148 Grabbed Frame 150 Grabbed Frame 151 Grabbed Frame 152 Grabbed Frame 153 Grabbed Frame 154 Grabbed Frame 155 Grabbed Frame 156 Grabbed Frame 157 Grabbed Frame 158 Grabbed Frame 159

ElenaDSC04067 DSC04068 DSC04069









Untitled-4 Untitled-6 Untitled-3 Untitled-2 Untitled-1 Untitled-7

  1. When artist creates a work, delivery a beautiful thing to be admired and shared, when the artist teaches others their knowledge and experience creates in them a passion….Congratulations

  2. Thank you , Carmen .

  3. Поздравляю с открытием школы!
    Желаю удачи всем Вам в ваших хороших начинаниях!

  4. I do really like the way you to it. I’m still learning by my self (since 2011) because here where I live, don’t have schools for learning silversmith.
    For now it’s still a hobby for me, but anyway I remember the day a start and I said to my self “why I didn’t try it before” I love to created jewellery and the lucky one is my wife she ask me to do something and I try to do it and she’s the one who wear it.
    By the way I’m portuguese and I live in China, actually the city name is Macau, a lot of people call it now “the Las Vegas of the orient”, was a portuguese colony and turn it over to china at 1999. I hope you hear it before, maybe a clue – near Hong Kong, anyway you can search in the net if you have curiosity.
    I’ve been seen a lot of jewellery makers (on the net) and with no doubt you are the one who makes the way I like it, like dolls – dressing it, to be the tailor! yes the way I like it, the corals, harts, small things, things that other people wouldn’t think to do, you are my idol, and here in Macau we have a lot of jewellery shop but yellow Gold 24K or 999 Gold, PT950 and Silver 925, this is the one I can afford to make my exercises, before I start it with copper.
    Once again I like very much your ART “work”.
    Best regards,

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