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I’m not a Dracula’s fan and I don’t like horror movies …
This was just a situation where I had the opportunity to create a mold to be produced in large numbers. The subject was a Romanian brand and I did not agree with horror vision of the character in question. He is very apreciate by romanians which consider him a symbol of justice and honesty and always invokes him when it comes to flagrant abuses, especially in politics …

First of all, Dracula is not a character created by the Romanians . It was created by Irish writer Bram Stoker and has no connection with Romanian folklore.

It’s just a matter of some literary horror novels gallery. And as the character was “knighted” by the author of the novel, I thought it was right to present it as such, giving it the appearance of a count. What came out, you decide for yourself.
Now, about the real character of Vlad Dracul aka Vlad Tepes (spell Tzepesh ) is not a secret for every romanians that there was a real person , in the early … but you can find it here , just a click .

As a personal oppinion , the name “Dracul” not Dracula , cames from greek DRAKON , wich means  mercilessly , relentless . In romanian language , Dracul means “Devil” , and there is a whole “philosophy” about how the name Drakon turns into Dracula. In Romanian language , Drakon pronunciation is with soft “n” or closed off,  and is like to confusion with the word Dracul.

Phonetic, are almost identical . Could laziness in speech have completely distorted the original meaning of the attribute Drakon ( mercilessy ) to Dracul (evil)  , because the facts of cruelty committed by Vlad character against outlaws and others like them  . It seems that it was indeed a sadistic person, as shown in the pictures in the archives of time remaining.

But, as also noted in the archives, those who were terrified of him were only the outlaws.

So would have been a great leader of Romania today, which badly needs such a strong character, especially in these troubled political times …




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