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This is a special song , inspiring me to choose the name of my Atelier and logo : Art & Heart .

RUSH is one of my favorite band ( among many others) …

Lyrics by Neil Peart (drums) and Peter Talbot, music by Geddy Lee ( vocal,bass, keyboards) and Alex Lifeson ( guitars).

And the men who hold high places
Must be the ones to start
To mould a new reality                     

Closer to the heart                           

The blacksmith and the artist                       
Reflect it in their art                             

Forge their creativity                                

Closer to the heart                                         

Philosophers and ploughmen               
Each must know his part               
To sow a new mentality                       

Closer to the heart                          

You can be the captain                                 
I will draw the chart                                         

Sailing into destiny
Closer to the heart                                     

That is the BIG SECRET  : to make everything CLOSER TO THE HEART ! 

This will reflect in your final work , and the people will know and feel that , when they look at it … I am working for the love of Art , not mainly for the customer , this is the truth , I have to recognise …After all the customer’s datas are gathered , I start working only for the love of Art … Art & Heart.

Here are few samples of Art & Heart works :




CARNIVAL 6–Songs-from-the-Wood


  1. hello,
    I’ve been watching some of your videos originally through Ganoksin. I’d like to see more of your work. But it’s difficult to navigate some of your pages because I don’t speak or read Italian, Roumanian or German! (Although 2 of my grandparents were Roumanian)
    Just to let you know I grew up and went to school with those guys Geddy Lee (Gerry Weinrib) and Alex Lifeson (Alex Zhivojinovitch…probably the wrong spelling).

    • Hello Judy,
      Nor do I don’t know German language … I know Schmuck Portal is about to change their whole look and they are working hard for that from about a couple of month now …I hope they will make the page’s translation for the Ganoksin customers too . I don’t post on Ganoksin anymore , so – if you want to watch my new videos , you’ll have to go here or learn German or Romanian language 😀 . Anyhow, I am trying to use an inteligible english language on Portal ( at least, I hope so ) . Thanks for watching my works .
      PS . Geddy Lee has that unique voice since he was in school ? I think so ..

    • Judy , look , this is my page on Schmuck Portal or , this are all my videos on Portal , in chronological order. I will try to make a “StarGate” here on my blog , with links to all my videos on Portal , next week . I hope this will help you . Best regards ,

  2. Hi Giacomo! I too have been following your work since Ganoskin. It seems has changed, I have tried without success to view your videos. I hope you can indeed post some on this site soon. Hope the new year has started off well for you, Cassandra

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