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As I haven’t had no one to spend Christmas with at home,  I stayed in the workshop on Christmas night and started to work on some special rings for New Year.  There were 2 rings .

It was very difficult, primarily due to lack of material, as usual …

Then, as I imagined something very difficult , a baroque style ring with Japanese accents  – the cherry blossom – which contain metaphysical elements like love and purity in a single object.  A white translucent and transparent purple mauve  enamel will do the rest . White , Gold and Purple . That’s the most spiritual colours in metaphysic .

A very intricate item, made as the old time jewelers did …this was the first ring .

So , I didn’t stop here ,  and further complicated the project, adding pieces of white gold, diamond and enamel .And the icing on the cake to be , I had to use the hollow technique for some parts of the object, so I used tubes  instead of solid wires .

That was due to the low budget the customer demands , so I made the ring using tubes instead of masive , to save a little gold of the final weight .

That’s my life : why to be simple when it can be very complicate ?

Now , let me explain to you what’s all about: if you work yellow gold with white gold pieces, you have a big problem finishing and polishing .

During work, under fire, the two metals – even if 18 k – behave totally different, yellow gold being easy pickled while white gold becomes almost black, with an oxide crust that is difficult to remove , the usual.

But , as I am not an usual goldsmith , I already have the solutions for solving these tasks …

What was my REAL task , was to make a strategy of how I will manage the making of processing the ring . I mean , I have to polish the ring first , then enameling and then setting the stones ? What will be with the oxidized white gold ? How I will polish it to be perfect white and shiny ?

Or I have to polish it , set the diamonds and then , several firings in the kiln for the enamels to be perfect ? But what if the diamonds will not resist under the several hundreds of Celsius degress , after several firings ? Even they are brilliants , not common diamonds ?

THAT was my REAL PROBLEM  and I finally made ​​a decision, the first time doing such an object …

What I did ? You’ll see next days ….Photos , tomorrow , as usual …

There will be – as usual , for any item I’ve had made – a full HD video of making of . Who wants to have it , just ask , using my e-mail adress .

DSC05470 DSC05471 DSC05473 DSC05476 DSC05477 DSC05478 DSC05472 DSC05483 DSC05484 DSC05482

Second ring , also made using tubes ( french : charnière )  :

Peridot , green transparent enamel and diamonds . I called it “The Big Green ” .

The customer had a big grin of delight when he saw it .

Watch in full HD :

DSC05564 DSC05565 DSC05567 DSC05566

DSC05570 DSC05568 DSC05569 DSC05573 DSC05579

  1. excellent creation
    love the details

  2. Once again…..a master of the craft. My only hope is that you are able to charge enough $$ for your creations!!

  3. This is perfection: design, architecture, the colors harmony, the volumes, symmetry and gold finishes, a real artwork. Thank you for sharing!

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