This was my second time- after I made JADE –  when I create a gold pendant having the woman’s beautiful body as topic . (After that was Fairy) .

Unfortunately this time I don’t have any pictures of this beautiful work but only screen shots from videos .

But  all the video material will be soon re- edited in its original DVD quality .

And may be I’ll contact the customer and take some good quality pictures , too .

This time, however, I wanted to look more sensual and more erotic than JADE was,  so I chose Brasilian Carnival as topic .

What comes out was so beautiful that I was surprised myself .  At one point  , fascinated by the beauty of the young woman’s body I was just making , I had a vision and I selected a part of the video and replace the original background sound of my working place with the famous LAMBADA .

The result was fabulous and every time I get to see again that video sequence it raises the hair on my hands .

You can check yourself  and see if it works on you , too …

 Go to 4:43  on this video

DSC05631 DSC05632 DSC05633


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