BLACK HEART PENDANT (This item was sold )

BLACK HEART PENDANT (This item was sold )



I’ve had made this item to test some enamel samples and also to improve my enameling technique . The pendant is made by 4 (four) sterling silver pieces which will be assembled at the end . The pieces are : 1) the front half heart 2) the enameled small heart ( which is set into the frame of the front half heart ) 3) the back half heart which is like a Mandala of hearts 4)  the bail , which is a special item itself . Here are some images of the front half heart with the small heart already set :

DSC05687 DSC05691 DSC05690 DSC05692 DSC05688 DSC05689DSC05697DSC05698DSC05696DSC05695DSC05699DSC05700 DSC05716 DSC05717 DSC05718 DSC05715 DSC05714 DSC05713 DSC05712imageimage (2)

Watch in full HD 

  1. deize todoroki

    Good afternoom Mr Giacomo! Im very fan of your AMAZING work ! Im Brasilian but i live in Fukuoka- Japan, i wont to ask you , how to buy this gorgeous pendant ? If possiblei wantea to get your response by in box in facebook my name in facebook Deize Todoroki

  2. Hello Mrs Todoroki ,
    use my e-mail adress to contact me and I will give you all the details .
    Thank you for your interest in my work .

  3. deize todoroki

    Mr Giacomo, I am very grateful for this wonderful pendant! I never imagined that I would have some jewelry made by his hands! It is a piece very well prepared and made ​​by hand, I also know the work that was done for making this wonderful pendant! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Deize TODOROKI

  4. Mrs Todoroki , I am glad for that pendant is now where it belongs : to a beautiful woman’s neck . I hope it will be a “porte-bonheur” for you .
    Thank you for being my customer .


  5. I have seen a lot of videos of goldsmiths and silver smiths in the past year due to the fact that I am currently teaching myself how to work silver to create the best work I can. when I saw the video of you making this necklace I was completely blown away and dumbfounded. I have never seen a person with suck precision and control over a saw blade. this video made me wish I was born in Romania so that I could have the chance to see a true master such as yourself at work. I Really love the work you do and I very much hope someday that I can afford to own a piece of your wonderful jewelry. Thank you for sharing this beauty with the world.

    Tim Zink

  6. This is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen. You are skilled! I’m sorry to hear about your dogs and hope you’ll find a new friend when it’s possible.
    I wish, one day, I’ll be so skilled that I can make a cloisonne project! Greetings from Maria and Sweden.

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