Ben 1 Ben 2 Me and Ben Milky  - My best Buddy, Father of the puppies


Ben died this morning at 9:30 a.m. after 9 hours of struggle with the Cushing disease .

An exceptional doctor and two assistants did everything what was humanly possible to save him, but Ben has made a meteoric crisis 3 days ago and could not recover , entering metastasis .

He lost 10 kg in just 5 days and I had to take the awful decision to stop his suffering and humiliation and die with dignity …

Like I did with his father, Milky, I kissed Ben  goodbye and  held him in my arms until his young  heart stopped .  He was only 7 years old  and was my beloved ” Big Boy” .

They were my family, and now only his sister Piccolina (Pico) remained with me.
I hope to see her growing old without any problems …

Ben will be in my heart, with Milky and the others , for the rest of my life…. and beyond .

  1. Imi pare rau pentru cainele tau…

  2. keith Biodrowski

    like all good buddies
    they never leave you

    • And they never did , I always feel them all around me every day when I go out with Piccolina for a walk in the park.
      She became the last of them, and she contains them all.

    • and they leave us so early, too soon, leaving us so alone ….for the rest of our lifes …

  3. keith Biodrowski

    ive had a count of 5 dogs through my life
    I never forget
    they were all human to me
    best friends I ever had
    never ditched me
    and always there when I called
    especially my Australian cattle dog I have now
    smarter than me I am thinking hehe

  4. They were just simply my family , after Picco will go to meet her parents , brothers and sisters I will never get any dog again .Milky was my first dog and Picco – his daughter – will be the last .
    Too much suffering and pain for loosing them , one by one …

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  6. Hi Giacomo ,..

    I found you on the internet / you tube searching for jewelers from who I could learn to make and design,.. less common pieces of silver.. and your beautifull artwork really touched me… Such beauty made by someone,.. must be a very special person ,.. and now I ‘ve read your blog here I know you are.. one of a kind. Not only your love for your work but also the love for your dogs. It brought me to tears. I recently lost my dog and still hurt by it.. I know how this feels..also posted a poeme about losing him on my facebook page.

    I would like tho thank you for posting all the video’s online so we can learn from you and sharing your life whith us. I think you are a very special person. It is sad that Romania is so far away .. i would love to learn from you.

    I start my education with the academy in Zeist in Holland in september… never had the time or the opportunity to learn making silver myself…and now alltough I’m now 58 years old.. ( or Young!!). I’ll start..!!

    I’ll will follow you on internet and facebook and hope to see many many more of you.. and your beautiful work.

    Thank you.

    Gertrude Oranje

    • Gertrude , thank you very much for your nice
      words .
      If you want to learn more about silver , just follow the page Wingsfarm on facebook , where my youngest apprentice , an 8 year old little Fairy named Oli (Olivia)
      will teach basic in working with silver .
      This weekend I will post the last episode of the first series , and Sunday we’ll start a new series , ” SILVER CUFF LINKS FOR MY GRANDPA ” .
      There will be unusual and funny , like all my videos .
      Thank you again , it’s very good to feel that nice people are supporting me .

  7. Yes I allready found you on facebook.. also with Wingfarm.. soo I was very surprised you contacted me with another account.. At first I didn’t wanted to bothered you stealing your precious time.. I’m glad you did.. I allready watched the video’s with Fairy .she is so cute.. . and will follow the rest.. thank you again I’ll looking forward to it.. bye for now..

    • The page with the black heartpendant was made by my apprentice Elena Celena (Oli’s auntie) to promote my work , but I thought it would be better if I do my own page . Then it was Wingsfarm , related to my main page , where I will promote only Oli’s videos , among some of my works . It’s a little muddle there , but so it’s my life now …

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