A mermaid named SHAW

A mermaid named SHAW

So , this will be my first mermaid  .

There’s a reason I’ve had never made a mermaid until this days .
When I was a kid – 6-7 y.o. – I started to carve wood , learning from my uncle and mentor in the arts , Jacob , how that can be done in three-dimensional the images that you see or that you designed in mind .

One day , he drew me a mermaid on a piece of wood and told me to carve it three-dimensional , not in relief , as I had done before.
You should know that wood carving tools are extremely sharp and blunt , like surgical scalpels .
My uncle had no problem letting me use his chisels (made by himself ) , because he knew that I have a very good feel in control , even at that age , using them for a long time already .
Everything was fine until the next day , when , in a moment of inattention – I was still a kid , for God’s sake ! – I looked for a second elsewhere and left the sharp chisel unsupervised and … it went through the wood .

It stuck right in my left hand wrist , where it left a deep cut of almost two centimeters , today a scar like a mark  that if my life was marking its entry into the true art of three-dimensional sculpture .
Probably my guardian angel baby made that the chisel did not cut my tendons but only veins  choosing me bleeding , and that put in big alarm the whole family …

I was immediately bandaged with what they had at hand in the house to stop the bleeding and few days I have not been allowed to approach by sculpting tools …. I had not even how,  with that terrible hand pain …

One week later , I finished the mermaid , and it was my first sculpture ever . But I did it unhappy , and with some fear of what that shinny sharp steel blades can do to me if I let them by themselves …

Also , later in life , I saw the mermaid in the most ugly representation possible , as awful tattoos on the arms of men out there not so accustomed to the arts and quality things, so to speak. Made with ordinary blue ink and so ugly designed that inspired me only repel . The mermaid theme was for me a suburban topic , and a suburban subject in arts .

Since yesterday , when a wonderful person asked me to make a mermaid pendant for HER .

This person is so nice and charming , all the misconceptions I’ve had about the subject mermaid in arts was gone with the wind …

And now I have only beautiful images dancing in my mind , silver white , shinning nuances of blue , from deep to light , deep red and coral red , gold yellow and green , you know already what is all about : the Ocean .  With all the nicer things in it .

This is how the next silver pendant will be : an Ocean image , presented by a mermaid .

But not just any mermaid, but a mermaid called SHAW , with a fire red hair.

As usual , some changes have occured during fabrication . Instead of using Copper as I first  thought , I used red gold . Copper would oxidize and …you know the rest . Silver is a precious metal and must be treat with the due respect .

In the pictures , the hair looks yellow because the item was pickled and the yellow gold base from the red alloy has made a thin deposit over the surface . But the hair will be red colour in the end .

Mermaid 1Mermaid 2Mermaid 3Mermaid 4

Mermaid 5Mermaid 6Mermaid 7

Mermaid 8Mermaid 9Mermaid 10Mermaid 11Mermaid 12Mermaid tail backMermaid tail frontMermaid



I will present the final product on youtube when it will be ready .

And photos , here, on this blog . Here are 13  photos  already . The 14th will be the final Mermaid , very soon  .

The necklace itself will be shown on my Youtube channel when it will be ready . ,.

  1. good ole sweat and hard work and purity in technique and imagination..distinct..and much thank you

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