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Now … I start working in silver because I don’t have any resources to work in gold , the depression I got after the worst experience I’ve had in my life , accepting – after almost 7 ( seven ) months of  Insisting almost day by day from the most cynical and lacking character person I have ever met in my life. And believe me that I’ve known a lot of villains and swindlers in my 45-year career, but this individual has overcome all of them, succeeding by lying promises to make me to abandon my very good direction that I was going and throwing in the unknown, in what turned out to be the darkest period of my life.                                                                                                                                                          It only lasted for a year (it would have been only six months), but I lost everything that could be lost.  Most of all , I got depressed and this is worse than cancer, because it never heals. It is a destruction of spirit, heart and hope, and there is no cure, only better times and it always returns till the end of life.                                                                               Before, I laughed at those who suffered from this syndrome, believing that it was just a form of hypochondria, but now I know what it is, is the death of the spirit, caused by an unbearable sadness .                                                                                                                            I have accepted all the humiliations I have been subjected to because I am a man of honor and I thought I had to resist until I could show who they were mocks .               After I demonstrated what was to prove, I left, leaving there a few reference works that this individual is using now to impress visitors. Nothing belongs to his company, all that works were designed and executed by me, but this is not a matter of which this venal character might be obstructed .                                                                                                That’s his strategy , to buy advertising and stick to himself, hoping – in vain – to be accepted into the select circle of jewelry professionals.                                                               I lost my beloved dogs , I ruined my atelier , I lost one of the best friends I’ve had at that moment , people who helped me and offered me a chance of a new life in Germany , where my art was to be appreciated and recognized to its true value.                                     I quit this beautiful future to accept the invitation of this crook to make a school of jewelers at his company. This was the only reason I accepted to leave my home in a foreign town hundred miles away, 9 hours away, leaving my mother with cancer alone. Instead, I was treated as a pet, a trophy in the collection of this miserable character.

In order to understand the mischief of this individual, I will end this by saying that when I announced him that I was going to leave because my mother did metastasize and can not get out of bed , he proposed to me a consistent salary increase !!                   For not leaving . To let my mother die , for him it doesn’t matter my mother.      For him counts only himself , his fame and all he can take, man, animal or thing.     I felt I was going to spit him in the eye , because after all the miseries he had done to me, this last gesture showed me that he had no limits to his mischief .                From that moment on, I considered him the worst enemy I’ve ever had, and even if he plays with the millions of euros and people’s lives, I will always be a stone too hard for him.

All I regret mostly , is that I lost my friends in Germany and for this reason I missed my personal meeting with Professor Dr. Erhard Brepohl , who saw my JADE necklace at Inhorgenta and had great appreciation , but I will not reproduce his words here because you may think I boast and exaggerate. The man died in the next couple of years , while I was at Tg Mures , treated as a personal pet by a swindler … That’s what I regret mostly … And those three years of depression , life lost , fighting everyday with the tendency of giving up , looking with despair for a reason to live and to continue .                                 And there were many reasons in the last two years , starting with little spark Olivia and continuing with people who helped me when it was harder for me … People who I want to thank once again and assure them of my deep and definitive respect. No one will be left behind, I will reward them all one by one, because they were beside me when everyone left me.

Now it’s over and I need to resume my place in my lodge.                                                   Now we’ve meet again and we’ll talk about beauty and creativity .

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