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ArcanumStudio says on YouTube :
“I am allways glad to see one of your videos on my news feed.
You are my greatest inspiration at the time,a confident artisan with a lot of experience,versatile and with a great abillity to pass on your knowlege with ease! At a time  that eveyrthing is machine made,computer designed,the Trade has lost its beauty,its magic…This video shows a real artist who has contact with the materials, independant from technology, able to create anything,anywhere,anytime! I wish i could join your class and learn the secrets of the Trade from a Real master!”


Elaine Ainslie

The Songs from the Wood, The Fairy project I have watched in absolute awe from the inception on bench tube. I have never ever been so moved by the talent and dedication of Giacomo to create something so profoundly beautiful with his bare hands. Incredible, I hope and pray that his money worries are resolved very quickly so that he can fulfil his great talent to produce more works of art. He is a dedicated and honest artist who deserves a break to enable him to carry on his great works of art. I find it incredible that he has produced so many videos for us amateurs to help us on our journey to create something for ourselves, he asks no fee for the videos, such a man of principals whilst living in extremely stressful circumstances. Giacomo, I salute you and wish you the very best in life, I hope God is listening…

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